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Dedicated to AWS and Startups

We are an advanced-tier AWS partner helping startups across the globe get the most out of AWS. AWS is one-half of our company’s DNA. The other one is startups.

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Authorized Commercial Reseller

DevOps Services Competency

AWS Well-Architected Partner Program

Amazon CloudFront Delivery

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We Love Startups (and They Love Us Back!)

Our team has a proven track record of helping 500+ startups, just like yours. As an official Scout for the AWS Activate program, we have the perfect mix of tools to maximize your project’s potential on AWS.

Our team takes pride in building strong relationships with our clients, allowing us to continue supporting their growth for years to come.

We live and breath AWS

Our Services

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Cloudvisor DevOps Practice

Cloudvisor is an Advanced Tier Partner of Amazon Web Services (AWS), with AWS DevOps competency. We have profound technical expertise in delivering DevOps solutions and our ability to speed up the software development lifecycle on AWS.

DevOps services are delivered by experienced AWS experts. Cloudvisor’s team of AWS-certified DevOps professionals has experience servicing 450+ startups. We help establish a culture and environment where building, testing, and releasing software can happen rapidly, frequently, and reliably.


Don’t Just Take Our Word for It

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“We are very satisfied with Cloudvisor's services and their impact on our AWS architecture. Their expertise and dedication have resulted in meaningful improvements across security, cost-efficiency, and performance. We highly recommend Cloudvisor for its exceptional ability to elevate AWS infrastructure to new heights.”

Lavrenti Tsudakov
Operations Manager @ Income (Estonia 🇪🇪)

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"We decided to move to AWS in order to improve efficiency and security of our platform, and we're grateful Cloudvisor has helped to make it a reality by providing professional advice and hands-on migration services. In addition, we're glad AWS Resell helps us save every month. By partnering with Cloudvisor, we're sure our AWS infrastructure is in good hands."

Daivaras Anužis
Co-Founder & CEO
RoboLabs (Lithuania 🇱🇹 )

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"We love working with Cloudvisor. Their service is excellent, and their overwhelming support helped us grow a lot. Their team was always ready to assist us when needed; with their help, we received the first portion of AWS credits that helped our startup scale, and we are about to opt for further AWS credits to keep our growth going. We would recommend Cloudvisor for every startup that seeks growth of their business and IT infrastructure."

Aleksei Shevchuk
EdBerry (Lithuania 🇱🇹 )

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"Cloudvisor provides an incredible launch pad for startups. While their services are already powerful, they do something we haven't seen anywhere else. Not only are you guaranteed continued support from their team, but they also make all the AWS credits work for your business, and none of them will be wasted. We recommend Cloudvisor to all startups who want to make their company successful and cost-effective from the very beginning."

Anastasiia Smyk
Input Soft (USA 🇺🇸 )

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"It’s easy to use Cloudvisor’s services. Their platform allows us to track our bills and spending easily. Their support staff is available whenever required, and their service levels are incredible. Their invoices are clear, simple, and easy to validate and pay. I would recommend to anyone with AWS to use Cloudvisor."

Ben Reed
Identeq (UK 🇬🇧 )

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“Cloudvisor brings AWS-specific expertise to the table. It's great to have a group of experts available to ensure that Cloud services are built on a steady foundation right from the start."

Otso Jousimaa
Ruuvi Innovations Ltd (Finland 🇫🇮)

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“Cloudvisor helped us navigate the AWS maze, resolve our security concerns, reduce our server costs, and teach us lots of best practices and it's actually AWS who pays for all that! Certainly a win-win-win collaboration.”

Rusnė Šilerytė, dr.
Co-founder & CTO
geoFluxus (Netherlands 🇳🇱)

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“This year, Cloudvisor significantly helped us kickstart projects involving Redshift and SageMaker, which are important to the whole Barbora business. A very knowledgeable team at Cloudvisor!”

Andrius Didžiulis
Head of Data
Barbora (Lithuania 🇱🇹)

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“Extremely supportive and paying attention to detail. A must-have partner in the AWS journey!”

Laimonas Sutkus
Chief Technology Officer
Biomapas (Lithuania 🇱🇹)

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“The promptness in dealing with our concerns demonstrated excellent customer service. When we encountered challenges (i.e., accounts management and on-edge services), we were provided multiple solutions, complete with links and additional information; allowing us to understand our options better and make an informed decision. This proactive communication fosters a positive business relationship and helps us feel supported.”

Ridas Būzius
Full Stack Web Developer
Agmis (Lithuania 🇱🇹)

Everyone is welcome to join!

AWS Community Baltics

Since the day Cloudvisor was founded, we were committing a lot of our time and effort to creating and supporting the local AWS community. If you’re reading this, you’re most probably a fan of AWS just like us, so we highly recommend connecting with other like-minded people by joining the AWS Community Baltics channel on Slack and Meetup groups for Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

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