Lawcloud Security & Availability Case Study

Nov 16, 2022

Lawcloud boosts security, availability, and disaster recovery with AWS & Cloudvisor

Lawcloud is a leading digital platform that helps lawyers optimize their daily operations by putting their entire workflow at their fingertips in an elegant web-based application. Whether they want to improve their document review process, easily record their phone calls, or even just sign documents, Lawcloud has them covered. 

Lawcloud wanted to maximize the opportunities to improve security, availability, and disaster recovery offered by AWS. The Lawcloud team also wanted to work with an external DevOps team who could free their internal developers to focus on developing the app itself. 

To this end, Lawcloud chose to work with Cloudvisor, an advanced tier AWS partner, to go above and beyond AWS recommended cloud practices. Cloudvisor was selected after a rigorous vetting process confirmed that its industry-leading team could be trusted to manage Lawcloud’s DevOps. 

Obtaining Even Better Results With The AWS Experts

Lawcloud wanted to take advantage of outside expertise for two reasons. The first was to use expert knowledge to drive further improvements to their system. The second was to free up their developer’s time to focus on making Lawcloud the best solution on the market. 


The Cloudvisor team conducted a full review of Lawcloud’s systems and determined that while robust, there were a number of optimisations that could be made. This enabled Lawcloud to create a more efficient security infrastructure that was also more resistant to contamination. 

Additionally, Cloudvisor helped Lawcloud update their OS from CentOS 7 to Amazon Linux. This enabled Lawcloud to benefit from the security that Amazon Linux provides, as well as numerous cost-saving efficiency improvements. 


A big change was the shift to using a number of AWS managed services. This provides an increased level of reliability compared to self-managed services, and helped to ensure that Lawcloud’s instances were always up and running when they were needed. 

Additionally, Load Balancers provided an additional layer of a surety that instances would be available and were deployed to multiple subnets and availability zones. 

Finally, Cloudvisor helped to implement improved disaster recovery procedures, reducing any potential downtime if something goes wrong. 

Disaster Recovery 

The goal here was to implement infrastructure as code in order to improve the ability of Lawcloud to rapidly recover from any unforeseen disasters. This included implementing Terraform scripts that can be used to recreate the configuration of a server instantly to bring it back up if lost. 

Additionally, Cloudvisor moved Lawcloud’s S3 buckets to new servers, providing enhanced access and security. This also included adding a number of buckets in new regions, improving reliability and response time, and a series of minor adjustments and optimisations to Lawcloud’s setup, providing enhanced security and reliability. 

AWS Services Used 

  • S3 Buckets
  • Amazon Linux 2
  • Load Balancers
  • Terraform scripts
  • EC2
  • Route53
  • Security Groups
  • VPC Endpoints
  • VPC Peering
  • NAT Gateway
  • Client VPN
  • Cloud Search
  • IAM
  • ACM

Why Do Over 500+ Startups Trust Cloudvisor?

At Cloudvisor, we have one simple goal: we help startups scale with AWS.

The Cloudvisor team has a unique combination of experience working with AWS and also applying those solutions in a way that helps startups thrive. Half of Cloudvisor’s DNA is AWS, the other is startups.

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