How CEOs can Get More Funding for their Scaling Startups?
Attracting more funding for scaling startups is challenging, with many roadblocks along the way. A 2021 survey conducted...
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What is AWS Cost Optimization?
With 69% of businesses spending over $5 million on annual cloud costs claiming they regularly overspend...
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What is Amazon CloudFront?
Amazon CloudFront is a content delivery network designed by Amazon Web Services. AWS’s proprietary CDN,...
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What Are AWS Credits for Startups and How to Get Them?
Did you know that startups are eligible to receive up to $100,000 in credits from Amazon Web Services...
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7 Reasons Why Startups and Scaling Businesses Need AWS
Startups and small businesses choose AWS for its flexibility, affordability, and security. Since it is...
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How to Build a Successful Startup?
If you are an entrepreneur ready to launch a startup, you are at the right place. Get yourself geared...
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Creating AWS Budget: Savings Plans and Cost Budget
Naturally, we all want to scale up with our AWS infrastructures and keep our budgets in line. However,...
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Fintech 2022: Best Ways to Reduce AWS Costs
Amazon Web Services (AWS) allows you to control cloud costs and consistently optimize the expenses while...
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Fintech 2022: A Guide to AWS Auto Scaling
One of the principal reasons for Fintechs moving to the cloud has been the convenience of scaling up...
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