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Cloudvisor has obtained the AWS DevOps Competency; we have profound technical expertise in delivering DevOps solutions delivered by experienced AWS experts.

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Cloudvisor’s team of AWS-certified DevOps professionals has experience servicing 450+ startups. We help establish a culture and environment where building, testing, and releasing software can happen rapidly, frequently, and reliably.

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CI/CD Pipelines Setup

By setting up Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipelines, our engineers can automate the build, test, and deploy phases of your software release process every time there is a code change.

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Infrastructure as code

One of the key pillars of modern DevOps is the ability to easily and repeatedly provision infrastructure in a standardized and automated way. At Cloudvisor, we strongly believe in this concept and actively promote it.

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Microservices and Containers

Deploy and update applications with Microservices. Allowing you to update, maintain, and manage your application while providing unlimited scalability and access to powerful computing resources.

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Our team can help you change your current architecture to serverless, enabling you to develop and deploy individual, autonomous services that work together to form a complete application.

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Migration from any to AWS

The Cloudvisor team will provide an industry-leading AWS migration service that we handle from start to finish.

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Well-Architected Framework Reviews

Our team can conduct AWS Well-Architected Framework Reviews and make necessary changes to ensure that your cloud solutions are secure, optimized, and scalable.


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Ruuvi Strengthens Its Aws Cloud Infrastructure Security And Reliability With Cloudvisor
Ruuvi Strengthens Its AWS Cloud Infrastructure Security and Reliability With Cloudvisor
Ruuvi decided to partner with Cloudvisor to optimize their AWS cloud infrastructure, improve their CI/CD process, and implement push notifications on their platform.
Cogastro. Devops Practices For Isolated Single-Tenant Application Architecture
Cogastro. DevOps practices for isolated single-tenant application architecture
Cogastro decided to rebuild its application architecture with Cloudvisor DevOps support to serve as many customers with the least operational effort.
Esurance Infrastructure Deployment Automation Case Study
esurance Infrastructure Deployment Automation Case Study
esurance collaborated closely with us to design a new, cost-effective, highly scalable, and secure architecture in AWS integrating many general cloud governance and DevOps practices.

Our Certificates

We take pride in our depth of knowledge and have worked hard to acquire a number of certifications in specialized areas of AWS. Our team has a total of 50 certificates as of today.

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