AWS Cost Control Workshop

With AWS you pay for what you use, right? Well, yes, but to be exact, you pay for what you run. 😉

Learn to take control of what you run on AWS and save costs without compromising on cloud performance. 📈

What is covered in this workshop:

✔️ Rightsizing, checking AWS Compute optimizer, and EC2 anomaly detection.
✔️ How can you save with Autoscaling, and in what scenarios?
✔️ Considering newer and more cost-optimized instance families – why newer generations are better.
✔️ RIs and SPs usage – how they differ, what they cover, and what to look out for.
✔️ CloudFront usage and special CloudFront pricing from Cloudvisor.
✔️ Setting up budgets and resource tagging.

Bonus topics:
✔️ Instant discounts on AWS spending.
✔️ How to get AWS credits from Cloudvisor.

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