AWS Hands-on: Testing your AWS Cloud Native Infrastructure

In this workshop, we will create a sample infrastructure with AWS Cloud Development Kit using AWS CloudFormation. Then we are going to write some automated integration tests and after that, put everything in an automated CI/CD pipeline. This will create an environment for writing integration tests on AWS service API in TravisCI Continuous Integration software.

The main goal of the workshop is to practice automation in CI/CD process by writing and running automated integration tests with the help of CI tools – set up the necessary environment by using CloudDevKit and EC2, create a sample integration test, run it on real AWS service, fix broken tests and then put them into continuous deployment pipeline in TravisCI to build, deploy and run integration test suite automatically every time code gets introduced into the master branch.

By the end of the workshop you will have:

  • CloudFormation template which allows for the easy creation of a Dev/Test environment which can be used to test your AWS service
  • Complete automation of building cloud-native applications on top of innovative technologies from AWS such as Lambda, Step Functions, etc.
  • Continuous integration & deployment pipeline for all your cloud-native projects, running on real hardware.

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