Building on AWS: How to Start Building and Scaling Your Applications in the Cloud

AWS is the most widely used cloud service provider in the world, dominating the market for more than a decade. This makes it essential for anyone starting their journey in the world of technology to understand how it works or master the basic services and concepts.

This workshop is meant to do just that – to help accelerate your cloud journey, get up and running with AWS services fast, and start adding value to your business as soon as possible.

Here’s the list of topics covered during the workshop that will be delivered by Laurynas Tumosa, a DevOps engineer at seca:

  • Introduction to the AWS cloud.
  • Concepts of AWS cloud: Regions, Availability zones.
  • Building in the cloud: launching a web application on a single EC2 instance.
  • Scaling in the cloud: EC2 autoscaling and load balancer services.
  • Databases in the cloud: managed database service RDS.

This is a hands-on-keyboard workshop for IT managers, system engineers, system administrators, and developers that are just starting their cloud journey or plan to do that in the near future.

Workshop level: 100 (beginner).

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