CloudFormation – from zero to hero!

As the industry moves towards micro-services, we get more and more resources to manage – instead of a single bulky monolith, we may now have hundreds or even thousands of interconnected services with their own roles, their own security groups, and their own encryption.

Managing them through the console is possible, but it’s complicated, tedious, and error-prone. That is why we hear more and more about a concept called “Infrastructure as Code”.

In this workshop, we will dive into AWS solution for “Infrastructure as Code” called AWS CloudFormation. We will start with simple concepts and finish with some advanced ones (like AWS CDK).

The workshop will consist of two parts: Basic and Advanced. For the basic part, you will need an AWS account, AWS CLI installed and set up on your computer, and some basic IDE. For the Advanced part, you will need all of the things mentioned previously + Python3, npm, and Node.

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