Scaling up to 10 Million Users With AWS Infrastructure

So you’re just getting started, launching this fantastic product you’ve been brewing for quite some time. It starts to gain traction, first users, first feedback, and then… BOOM! Ashton Kutcher shares the news on his Twitter about this most wonderful product of yours. And thousands of users go rushing to your website. But you didn’t account for that. Thank you very much, Ashton!?

Quite a scary scenario, huh?

What’s great about Amazon Web Services and generally cloud computing is that it provides you with numerous benefits, such as the possibility to scale your application or website endlessly as demand rises.

So if you’re just getting started and would like to prevent a similar scenario from happening, spend an hour with us to understand best practices for scaling your resources from one user to millions of users.

We will show you how to combine different AWS services best, how to make smarter and cost-effective decisions for architecting your application, and how to scale your infrastructure and serverless components in the cloud.

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