Securing Your AWS Infrastructure With AWS Security Services

We all know the downsides of monolithic applications and that the new trend is “micro-services”. But did you know that micro-services tend to become monolithic too? Tight dependencies between micro-services tend to make your applications and teams slower. That is why cutting-edge event-driven architecture is becoming increasingly popular, and AWS has a perfect tool for that – AWS EventBridge.

During the event, we dive deeper into best practices and use-case scenarios for AWS EventBridge service and how to avoid becoming monolithic with your microservices. This workshop is delivered by Laimonas Sutkus, Chief Technology Officer at Biomapas.

This is a hands-on-keyboard workshop for DevOps, SREs, Software Engineers, Developers, and everyone else interested in AWS services or using it every day. Workshop level: 200 (Intermediate).

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