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Build and Scale Your Startup on AWS For Free

AWS Activate program enables startups to take advantage of the most powerful Cloud Services provider on the planet for free, and Cloudvisor is your guide to navigating it.

We’ve already helped startups secure $10 million in AWS Activate Credits, and we’re standing by to help you today.

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How Cloudvisor Helps Startups Secure Free AWS Activate Credits?

AWS Activate is the leading startup program backed by the most trusted cloud platform. It provides startups like yours with the resources you need to build, launch, and scale on AWS.

From technical support to architecture guidance to up to $100,000 in AWS credits, AWS Activate helps startups bring their ideas to market. Since launching in 2013, AWS Activate has provided $6 billion (USD) in AWS Promotional Credits to startups globally.

AWS Activate and Cloudvisor provide you with the tools to do so:

AWS Credits

As an AWS Activate Provider, Cloudvisor helps startups secure free AWS credits that can be spent on AWS products or services.

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Professional Consultation

Cloudvisor provides consultation to startups free of charge, ensuring that your cloud infrastructure is operating at peak performance.

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Discounts on AWS Spend and Extra Perks

Cloudvisor’s AWS Resell program provides startups with immediate discounts on AWS and Cloudfront services.

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How Does AWS Activate Work?

AWS Activate is available to any startup that meets the following criteria:

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New to AWS Activate credits

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Self-funded or funded pre-series B

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Have a fully functioning company website

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Founded in the past 10 years

There are two tiers of AWS Activate startup program available to startups:

By joining the AWS Activate Program, you not only gain access to AWS Credits, but also receive technical AWS Support, exclusive offers from dozens of technology vendors and AWS Partners, valued at up to $800,000 in total savings, and networking opportunities with peers and investors.

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Activate Founders

$1,000 AWS Activate credits, available for those who are new to AWS Activate.

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Activate Portfolio

Up to $100,000 available partnering with an Activate Provider such as Cloudvisor, accelerators, and incubators.

Why Should Startups Select Cloudvisor as their AWS Partner?

Selecting the right AWS partner is a big decision that will have a long-term impact on your startup’s success. Cloudvisor is an advanced tier partner that specifically focuses on the unique challenges that startups face.

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We have already helped over 1000 startups on their startup journey, securing more than $10 million in AWS Credits in the process.

Our team is standing by to help you today. If you want an AWS Partner who will grow with you, Cloudvisor is the best decision you can make.

Go beyond AWS Activate With Cloudvisor’s AWS Resell Program

With us, it’s not just about AWS Credits! As an Authorised Commercial Reseller, Cloudvisor helps startups get the most from AWS for less money. In addition to helping startups get AWS credits, we also provide extra free AWS benefits through our AWS Resell Program.

Joining Cloudvisor’s AWS Resell program is free, and so are the benefits:

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3% discount on all AWS spend*

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50-90% off standard CloudFront service rates

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Dedicated Customer Success Manager who is AWS Solution Architect certified

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Free annual cost optimization reviews and AWS Well-Architected Framework Reviews

*3% discount is not applied while the AWS services are covered by credits (applicable again once credits are exhausted)

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Frequently asked questions

If you still have any questions, feel free to contact us and we will help you as best as we can.

What makes AWS a good choice for startups?

AWS offers a flexible, scalable, and cost-effective cloud computing solution, ideal for startups that need to adapt quickly and manage costs effectively. With a wide range of services, startups can choose exactly what they need and scale as they grow.

How can startups benefit from AWS Credits?

AWS credits can significantly reduce the cost of cloud services for startups. These credits can be used to explore and experiment with different AWS services, helping startups to innovate and grow without the burden of high initial costs.

How does AWS ensure data security for startups?

AWS offers comprehensive security features that comply with the highest industry standards. These include data encryption, network security, identity and access control, and continuous monitoring, ensuring startups' data and applications are secure.

Can Startups with limited technical expertise use AWS effectively?

Yes, AWS is designed to be user-friendly, and there are numerous resources and support options available for startups with limited technical expertise. AWS also has a vast partner network, including companies like Cloudvisor, that can provide additional support and services.

How does AWS help startups scale their operations?

AWS offers a wide range of scalable services that allow startups to grow their infrastructure in tandem with their business. Services like Amazon EC2 and AWS Lambda enable startups to scale up or down quickly based on demand.

Are there any cost management tools in AWS for startups?

AWS provides several tools to help manage and optimize costs, such as AWS Budgets, AWS Cost Explorer, and AWS Trusted Advisor. These tools help startups monitor their spending and make informed decisions about resource usage.

Start scaling and growing your startup

As an official AWS Partner, we help startups to get the most out of AWS for less money spent through our AWS Resell program. By becoming our customer, you’ll receive an immediate 3% discount on your AWS spend, along with a 50% discount on CloudFront service rates.

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