August 23, 2023

The Ultimate Guide to AWS Activate Program For Startups

In the fast-paced world of startups, having access to the latest technology and resources can make all the difference in gaining a competitive edge. Amazon Web Services (AWS), a global leader in cloud computing, recognizes the unique challenges faced by startups and has designed a program specifically tailored to their needs: the AWS Activate Program

If you’re a startup looking to supercharge your growth, read on to discover what the AWS Activate Program is and how it can help kick-start your AWS cloud journey!

This article will explain: 

  • What AWS Activate is
  • How startups can use AWS Activate credits 
  • How to apply to the AWS Activate program 
  • Ways that Cloudvisor can help you navigate the process

What is AWS Activate?

AWS Activate is a program founded in 2013 with the intention of providing eligible startups and early-stage companies with free tools, resources, and discounts to help simplify every step of a startup’s lifecycle.

What are the benefits of AWS Activate?

After signing up, every startup will be able to access a number of benefits: 

  • Access to the AWS Activate Console
  • Curated expert tips on business and technical matters
  • Training and support materials for startups via Learn on AWS
  • Over 40 pre-built infrastructure templates 
  • Exclusive discount codes and free trials
  • Access to the AWS Active Recommendations feed, with personalized tools and content 
  • The ability to apply for up to $100,000 in AWS credits over a startup’s lifetime, which can be used to pay for AWS services

These benefits are designed to help your startup orientate itself with AWS and build the basic necessary blueprints before diving in. This is really useful, but for many startups, the biggest draw of AWS Activate is the ability to obtain AWS Activate credits. 

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The Ultimate Guide To Aws Activate Program For Startups 1

What are AWS Activate Credits?

AWS Activate Credits are a special form of credit that is only available to startups using the AWS Activate program. They can be used to pay for AWS services and provide a powerful way for startups to rapidly onboard onto AWS, without spending much money upfront.

Is my startup eligible for AWS Activate Credits? 

The AWS Activate program is open to bootstrapped, self-funding, and funded startups, up to and including their series A round. With that said, there are a few limitations: 

  • Startups must have been founded within the last 10 years
  • Startups must have a functional website or public profile 
  • Startups based in AWS China Regions cannot apply to AWS Activate, but must instead apply to the AWS Activate China program

How many AWS Activate Credits can my startup get? 

Startups can apply for up to $100,000 in AWS credits over the course of their lifetime. It is not necessary to apply for all of these credits at once; in fact, it is often better to apply for only the credits needed to implement your plans. This helps prevent overspending and avoids having credits expire unused.

How long do AWS Activate Credits last? 

AWS credits are valid for between one or two years after the date that they were issued. To find your credit’s expiration date, you should head over to the credits page of your AWS Billing and Cost Management Console, or log into your AWS Activate Console. 

It is important to note that AWS can not extend credits once they reach their expiration date, so you should carefully plan how they will be used.

What can AWS Activate Credits be spent on? 

AWS Activate Credits are applied to your bill in order to offset eligible AWS services and charges. They can only be used to offset charges incurred in the billing cycle during, or after you receive them, not historical AWS bills. 

It’s important to remember that AWS credits can be applied towards services from your AWS credit provider, which can be a useful way to take advantage of their expertise when you are first building your AWS implementation.

How can I apply for AWS Activate Credits? 

When applying for AWS Activate Credits, startups can obtain up to $100,000 over their lifetime, but they shouldn’t necessarily apply for it all at once. For instance, when you apply through Cloudvisor, we can assist you in receiving your initial batch of AWS Credits to help launch your first AWS implementation. Then, when you are ready, we can help you unlock the remaining credits that you are eligible for.

When applying, you should keep in mind that AWS cares about the amount of credits you have earned over your lifetime. This means that startups who have already applied for AWS credits need to apply for a larger amount, for example: 

If a startup has already received $25,000 in AWS credits and needs more, they can no longer apply for $1,000 of Activate Founders credits. The only way to receive additional credits is to exceed the initial $25,000 and continue to accumulate credits until they reach the maximum amount of $100,000.

If a startup has already been awarded the maximum amount of credits or applies for fewer credits than they’ve already seen, their application will be rejected. 

Get Started With AWS Activate!

The easiest way to get started with AWS Activate is to cooperate with an official Scout for AWS Activate, like Cloudvisor. We’re here to guide you through the program and provide you with the first batch of AWS credits for free.

By working with us, you can ensure that you’re getting the credits you need, and not accidentally wasting credits due to expiry, or through accidental spend.

We’ve already helped 500+ startups obtain over $7 million in AWS credits for startups, and we’re here to help you!

Scale Your Startup With Free AWS Credits!
Cloudvisor is a perfect fit to guide your startup through its AWS journey from start to finish.

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