Cloudvisor Receives Prestigious Rising Star Partner of the Year – EMEA Award from AWS

Dec 16, 2022

Cloudvisor’s work through the past 12 months has been recognized by AWS with the prestigious Rising Star AWS Partner of the Year – EMEA region award

We feel honored to receive this award, and we’d like to thank our clients, friends, and the Cloudvisor Team for being with us on this amazing journey. 

What Are the AWS Partner Awards? 

The AWS Partner awards are an opportunity for Amazon to acknowledge members of the AWS Partner Network who have played a key role in helping AWS customers drive innovation and build novel solutions on AWS. 

These awards were announced during a Partner Awards Gala at, AWS re:Invent. The 2022 AWS Partner Awards recognized a wide variety of AWS partners, and for the first time included a self-nomination process, with all winners validated by a trusted third-party. The awards span both regional and global awards, and include a variety of categories that you can find here

Why Is The Rising Star Partner of The Year Award a Big Deal? 

Cloudvisor’s contributions were recognized via the Rising Star Partner of the Year Award. This is earmarked for AWS Partners that have seen significant Year on Year growth in their business. It typically goes to companies that have provided best-in-class customer service, and grown organically thanks to a reputation for excellence. 

In our case, the Rising Star Partner of the Year Award is a recognition of the progress that Cloudvisor has made in the EMEA region, and how we’ve helped over 500+ startups build their business on AWS. 

Do you want to know the secret to our success? 

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Cloudvisor Receives Prestigious Rising Star Partner Of The Year - Emea Award From Aws 1

Dedicated to AWS and Startups 

AWS is one-half of our company’s DNA. The other is startups. When we started our business, we noticed a common misconception about AWS amongst our fellow startup founders: “Isn’t AWS too expensive for startups?”. Business owners were worried that adopting a best-in-class solution might increase their burn rate, and that they were better off building solutions in-house, or relying on smaller local providers. 

Our team saw this, and realized that nobody was helping startups figure out how to make the most of AWS, and take advantage of features that are perfect for businesses that need to be able to scale up or down rapidly, which covers most tech startups. 

Thus, Cloudvisor was born. Rather than attempting to cast a broad net and attempt to provide a one-size-fits-all service, the Cloudvisor team made a bold decision from day one: We would create solutions tailored specifically to the needs of startups. 

By focusing on providing premium quality service to emerging companies, Cloudvisor has been able to build a series of deep relationships with some of the best innovators in the EMEA region and beyond. 

We are particularly proud of our work on AWS resell, and our four benefit packages, which give startups the flexibility to choose how they want to benefit most from AWS services:

  • Instant Savings – Helps startups get an immediate 3% discount on their AWS spend, and a 50% discount on all CloudFront service rates.
  • Donate – Helps startups do good by automatically giving 4% of their AWS spend to an NGO of their choice, without effort or cost to them.

In addition to these services, we have also helped startups secure more than $7 million in AWS credits via the AWS Activate program. This has empowered our clients to gain the resources they need to scale with AWS from day one without increasing their burn rate!

These credits are essential for startups, as they are often restricted by limited resources. AWS Credits enable them to build on AWS and ultimately provide a more competitive solution for their customers. 

We have helped startups to implement a huge variety of AWS solutions. Whether it’s cost optimization, data migration, or any of our other services, Cloudvisor is proud to say that we provide startups with the same quality of service previously only enjoyed by large, established companies. 

Discover Why AWS is a Great Fit for Startups with Cloudvisor 
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Cloudvisor is an advanced-tier AWS partner operating in Europe, USA, and beyond. Our diverse, globally distributed team includes highly experienced Amazon Web Services professionals.

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