What is AWS Marketplace?

Feb 17, 2023

Ever wondered how AWS Marketplace place works, or what is AWS marketplace? Well, you came to the right place!

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace is an online store that allows customers to discover, purchase, and deploy software solutions from a wide range of independent software vendors (ISVs). The marketplace offers a range of software products and services, including applications, tools, and services that are designed to run on the AWS cloud platform.

Customers are able to find and evaluate software solutions that can help them solve specific business problems or meet specific needs on the platform. It is easy for customers to search for and compare different software products, read customer reviews and ratings, and try out products before purchasing them on the marketplace.

For software vendors, AWS Marketplace offers a valuable channel for reaching and engaging with potential customers. The marketplace provides a platform for vendors to showcase their products, reach new customers, and drive revenue through sales and subscriptions. It also offers tools and resources to help vendors manage and optimize their listings, track sales and customer engagement, and receive customer feedback.

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The Benefits of AWS Marketplace

One of the key benefits of AWS Marketplace is its integration with the AWS platform. This allows customers to easily deploy and manage software solutions on the AWS cloud, without the need to set up and maintain their own infrastructure. This can help customers save time and resources, and can make it easier for them to scale their applications and services as their needs grow.

You can quickly launch pre-configured software with just a few clicks, and choose software solutions in Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) and software as a service (SaaS) formats, as well as other formats. Additionally, you can browse and subscribe to data products. Flexible pricing options include free trial, hourly, monthly, annual, multi-year, and a Bring Your Own License (BYOL) model. All of these pricing options are billed from one source. AWS handles billing and payments, and charges appear on your AWS bill.

Overall, AWS Marketplace is a valuable resource for businesses and organizations looking to discover and deploy software solutions on the AWS cloud. It offers a convenient and user-friendly platform for customers to find and evaluate software products and provides a valuable channel for software vendors to reach and engage with potential customers.

Cloudvisor can help you navigate through all the products and services available on the AWS marketplace and build a suite of tools tailored to your unique business needs. Our experience and focus have been highlighted by the AWS Marketplace Skilled Consulting Partner badge.

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