February 21, 2023

AWS or Azure? 5 Factors That Make AWS a Better Choice

Are you trying to decide between two cloud providers? In this blog post, we outline the reasons why AWS is better than Azure.

Most businesses looking to move to the cloud are torn between two options – AWS and Azure. In this article, we’ll explain why AWS is the best choice and break down some of its features that Azure doesn’t offer.

Lower cost of ownership

AWS provides a more cost-effective solution than competing cloud providers. With flexible pricing models and discounts for long-term commitments, AWS can significantly reduce the overall cost of ownership for businesses. Additionally, you’ll benefit from the absence of maintenance costs or fees associated with middleware licenses when using AWS.

Security and compliance offerings

AWS offers an array of security and compliance services that help customers protect their data and information as they move to the cloud. AWS has over 150 security, compliance, and governance services that encompass every stage of the enterprise life cycle, from architecture design, development, operational implementation, and secure deployment. These services are designed to ensure that customers can trust their environment and remain compliant with applicable standards.

Flexibility & scalability

AWS offers customers ultimate flexibility and scalability when it comes to their cloud computing requirements. Some popular services available include Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), which lets users choose the compute, memory, storage, and networking resources they need while still ensuring they have complete control over every aspect of their environment. Another service, Auto Scaling, enables customers to automatically adjust the number of servers they use based on current traffic levels and resource needs. This allows them to save money by adjusting their scaling needs depending on the situation.

Optimized for global workloads and deployments

AWS also has infrastructure that is optimized for global workloads and deployments. This includes AWS Global Accelerator, which provides low-latency access to cloud applications anywhere in the world. Additionally, AWS’s multi-region presence ensures customers can launch their services across a variety of locations quickly and easily, allowing them to expand without worrying about having to purchase additional servers or other hardware in each region.

Open-source integrations and customization options

One of the biggest advantages of using AWS is its open-source integrations. This allows developers to deploy their applications quickly, let them customize existing applications with new features, and scale their projects up or down based on demand. In addition, out-of-the-box services such as Amazon Machine Learning (AML) provide customers with the ability to add predictive analytics capabilities to their existing applications with just a few clicks.

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